Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Zetsy Plans and the next release

The current initial beta of Zetsy has a non-operational transaction tab.   Etsy decided to launch the application area sooner than we expected and before we had the transaction area ready for release.  The next version of Zetsy will  have this available.   We're hoping for the end of the weekend, but sometimes life has a way of interfering with these plans.  The real goal down the line for Zetsy  is to be able to change multiple listings at once and upload them back to your Etsy shop.   The groundwork for this has been laid in the current program and we want to get at least some parts of this operational as soon as possible.  We're interested in hearing from the community if you find this program useful and if not, what could we do to make it useful.   Being an Etsy shop owner we know of the limitations and hope to improve upon them.    

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ZETSY is NOW Available for Download

Lots of activity, just not much on this blog! I have been busy creating all kinds of Christmas items which I hope to share soon. On the programming side my husband just uploaded the links to Zetsy, our windows application program which allows the seller to download product information, including images, to a local file. One of us will be going through the various features of the program. The program is beta so we welcome any comments and suggestions. We don't like to hear about bugs, but we need to know about them too. At this time just leave comments here until we get something more formally set-up. The eventual goal of the program is also to allow uploading of changed items, including images. My husband is working on documentation as well. Unfortunately I've had him busy mailing out packages here recently! A big thanks to Tools4Etsy which has made available the .NET engine behind this program.
The first thing one should do when loading Zetsy is to look at the program options. Currently one can save 4 different shop name defaults. These defaults will appear on the opening page drop-down box. The location of the image files are also listed. Generally the default location should be used, but other locations are possible.
The main feature of Zetsy is the ability to download all the product information from a shop, including expired and inactive listings. To get at inactive and expired listings one has to give the Zetsy application permission to obtain these. This is accomplished by using the Oauth process which also can be found in the Program Options menu. We'll go through that in a posting within the next week.