Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Updated Zetsy Coming Soon : With Tag Update!

There has not been much time for the blog.  We;'ve been really busy with making and getting all the Christmas items ready for shipping plus our own holiday decorations.   It didn't help that the entire family had a nasty stomach flu virus.  My husband has managed to continue to write some code and updated the program to the latest Etsy library from tools4Etsy.  This library along with new things at Etsy will allow things like updating tags.   Speaking of tags, the next release of Zetsy will allow one to quickly and easily update your shop's tags.   We're hoping to ge this out this Sunday - but we will see.  Hubby is still testing the functions and trying to make it as intuitive as possible.  Since our program also allows a backup of the tags, the old tags will also still be around (assuming you saved them of course!).    The one downside to the update is that it breaks the previous versions database.  The program is still young enough these things unfortunately happen.   Without going inot the details the structure changes are necessary for all of these improvements.  There are several other improvements as well which we touch upon later.