Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Its past Valentines already ???

Hope your valentines was a good one !   My husband didn't forget (he knows better!) but my kids did - or so they said.   Despite the inactivity HERE, both my husband and I have been very busy.   The sales on the Etsy shop have went no where along with the views.  Views only come when I have a flurry of new items, and then only seem to hold for a few days.  I know, we should blog more often, but who has the time for all of that?  Excuses, Excuses !!   Perhaps its because the ground has been white for the last couple of months and spring fever is beginning to be though of.  My youngest son's school has Spring Break next week - that tells me its coming right?
      So I eluded to activity.  Yes, I have been making all kinds of bags to put up locally.    I've included a couple of pictures here.  My husband has been working to improve the pictures.   He has also been working on an inventory database with pictures.  The idea of this database is not only for our own inventory control but also to upload these to our Zen Cart store/ catalog.   The idea is to upload these into the Google marketplace.   All of our previous sales appeared to come from outside of Etsy when we were getting uploaded to the Google marketplace.   We also found another item which is very usefull   and to a lesser extent this site  .  This is not relly Etsy related but is good if your thinking about exposure with your own web site.  We will add these to our list here
        The fact that Etsy is not uploading our shop to the search engine is disappointing.  Thus the activity to take this into our own hands.  We cannot upload the Etsy items per Google rules but we can if we run our own shop.   My husband has slowly gotten this up and running, but there is little there.   It's a real pain to get inventory up there by hand, hence the inventory database to get the stuff transferred into Zen cart.   If we get this running correctly we'll post more about it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A web page list for Etsy Tools, Widgets, and Helpers

A quick post to let you know what my husband has completed today.  All of the links and etsy helpers in our blog have been uploaded to a web site page,   The tools can found at miladycreations/etsytools and general site information at miladycreations/sitetools.   A few new ones have been found and they are listed there.  Perhaps the most interesting is an Etsy toolbar which can be found here.   Thanks to Kim at SewKim for featuring this in her blog.  My husband thought these kind of things get "lost" fairly easily and what better way than to post a piece of this on our web site.   Our current web site is mainly just a "redirector" to Etsy, so this gives a real purpose!   Post a comment or email to me if you know of other tools and sites you think belong in this list.
     Around Thanksgiving my husband activated through external sources the merchant upload into Google.  Due to changes by Google this was deactivated the first of the year and this upload was supposed to be taken over by Etsy.  You can check your syndication status here: .Active means you are syndicated.
Pending means you are still waiting to be added.  If you are not added (like me) this means that your items are not easily found by google searches.  Not particularly good.   My own sales did much better when I activated the Google merchant upload and fell off when I was deactivated.   I'm doing some more research into this now and I'll blog about it when I find out more.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Updated : Etsy-related Infomration and Tools

I have compiled here some interesting Etsy-related sites in one location.  This is not meant to have every site or combination, but some of the better ones that I've come across.

Information & Stats

Probably the most cited on, which can give you information on hearts and item views
A similar site to this which is well done is at The latter site has very nifty view tracker which I use.  You can also find your biggest fan!

An interesting Etsy craft site where you can look-up the top sites and sales for various categories.  It is always good to check out the competition and learn from these really successful shops.

 A shop stat and tag finder can be found at this site.
 A list of the current give aways going on at Etsy .
 Find out what treasuries you are in:
 A site where you register and put your shop in a revolving list.   This is sort of free advertising



Etsy keeps a list of many tools which can be found at
A group of useful tools can also be found at  The ones I like and have found to be the most useful are the following::  The swiss army knife for Etsy! puts out a nice revolving display widget of your items on the Etsy site. has several tools and statistic widgets which you can use to show your sales and items for sale.  I use these on my own blog.  Both of the gadgets are easy to add to a blog.  Another revolving display for you blog and web site
 Etsy Fee calculator :


Not related directly to Etsy, but interesting if you have a web site (first site) or a blog (second site) 

This has all been added to our online web site for easy referral.  See for etsy tools and sitetools for the list.  Leave a comment if we are missing a useful resource.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy Tax Time, New Followers, and Funny Pictures

The title says it all - a blog for just about anyone.  I've been busy getting things ready for tax time.   I feel like I've been at my "real" job loading up all kinds of things in Quick Books.   I'm not sure calling it a real job is correct, how about the job that pays me!   I would rather be creating new stuff, not doing books; and the owner of this company doesn't pay me anything for doing them.   Since I spent a good chunk of the weekend doing accounting and went out with friends Friday night, no blogging occurred.   In the time I didn't blog I picked up a bunch of new followers.  Welcome!   Now I feel REALLY guilty not writing about anything.   All these new followers and then I go "dark".  I do want to have a special thanks to AlmostPrecious for NOT allowing that lucky number 13 to exist too long.
I'm sure no one wants to hear all the details about what accounting I did other than I caught up and I was seriously far behind.    I also didn't quite realize I have a lot of fabric just screaming to be "upgraded" into some type of bag.
    I do get a lot of funny emails, and since I don't have a lot of creative things tonight, we'll go more silly.   I thought it best to avoid political silliness, so I went with a couple that everyone should like.  Check out the Tiger Woods Family photo.  I really love this one.  Then another one that just gets you going Uh? is the elephant picture to the left.   It makes you wonder what someone was thinking when they did that one.  I wonder if the kids realize what they are sliding out from?