Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Updated : Etsy-related Infomration and Tools

I have compiled here some interesting Etsy-related sites in one location.  This is not meant to have every site or combination, but some of the better ones that I've come across.

Information & Stats

Probably the most cited on, which can give you information on hearts and item views
A similar site to this which is well done is at The latter site has very nifty view tracker which I use.  You can also find your biggest fan!

An interesting Etsy craft site where you can look-up the top sites and sales for various categories.  It is always good to check out the competition and learn from these really successful shops.

 A shop stat and tag finder can be found at this site.
 A list of the current give aways going on at Etsy .
 Find out what treasuries you are in:
 A site where you register and put your shop in a revolving list.   This is sort of free advertising



Etsy keeps a list of many tools which can be found at
A group of useful tools can also be found at  The ones I like and have found to be the most useful are the following::  The swiss army knife for Etsy! puts out a nice revolving display widget of your items on the Etsy site. has several tools and statistic widgets which you can use to show your sales and items for sale.  I use these on my own blog.  Both of the gadgets are easy to add to a blog.  Another revolving display for you blog and web site
 Etsy Fee calculator :


Not related directly to Etsy, but interesting if you have a web site (first site) or a blog (second site) 

This has all been added to our online web site for easy referral.  See for etsy tools and sitetools for the list.  Leave a comment if we are missing a useful resource.


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