Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy Tax Time, New Followers, and Funny Pictures

The title says it all - a blog for just about anyone.  I've been busy getting things ready for tax time.   I feel like I've been at my "real" job loading up all kinds of things in Quick Books.   I'm not sure calling it a real job is correct, how about the job that pays me!   I would rather be creating new stuff, not doing books; and the owner of this company doesn't pay me anything for doing them.   Since I spent a good chunk of the weekend doing accounting and went out with friends Friday night, no blogging occurred.   In the time I didn't blog I picked up a bunch of new followers.  Welcome!   Now I feel REALLY guilty not writing about anything.   All these new followers and then I go "dark".  I do want to have a special thanks to AlmostPrecious for NOT allowing that lucky number 13 to exist too long.
I'm sure no one wants to hear all the details about what accounting I did other than I caught up and I was seriously far behind.    I also didn't quite realize I have a lot of fabric just screaming to be "upgraded" into some type of bag.
    I do get a lot of funny emails, and since I don't have a lot of creative things tonight, we'll go more silly.   I thought it best to avoid political silliness, so I went with a couple that everyone should like.  Check out the Tiger Woods Family photo.  I really love this one.  Then another one that just gets you going Uh? is the elephant picture to the left.   It makes you wonder what someone was thinking when they did that one.  I wonder if the kids realize what they are sliding out from?

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