Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Its past Valentines already ???

Hope your valentines was a good one !   My husband didn't forget (he knows better!) but my kids did - or so they said.   Despite the inactivity HERE, both my husband and I have been very busy.   The sales on the Etsy shop have went no where along with the views.  Views only come when I have a flurry of new items, and then only seem to hold for a few days.  I know, we should blog more often, but who has the time for all of that?  Excuses, Excuses !!   Perhaps its because the ground has been white for the last couple of months and spring fever is beginning to be though of.  My youngest son's school has Spring Break next week - that tells me its coming right?
      So I eluded to activity.  Yes, I have been making all kinds of bags to put up locally.    I've included a couple of pictures here.  My husband has been working to improve the pictures.   He has also been working on an inventory database with pictures.  The idea of this database is not only for our own inventory control but also to upload these to our Zen Cart store/ catalog.   The idea is to upload these into the Google marketplace.   All of our previous sales appeared to come from outside of Etsy when we were getting uploaded to the Google marketplace.   We also found another item which is very usefull   and to a lesser extent this site  .  This is not relly Etsy related but is good if your thinking about exposure with your own web site.  We will add these to our list here
        The fact that Etsy is not uploading our shop to the search engine is disappointing.  Thus the activity to take this into our own hands.  We cannot upload the Etsy items per Google rules but we can if we run our own shop.   My husband has slowly gotten this up and running, but there is little there.   It's a real pain to get inventory up there by hand, hence the inventory database to get the stuff transferred into Zen cart.   If we get this running correctly we'll post more about it.

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  1. Your such a trooper to keep finding all these ways for exposure!!! I'm reading too! Thanks for all your help and you inspire me to start looking to! Let you know if I find anything.