Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quiet does NOT mean no activity

I admit it.  The blog has been pretty silent lately.  This does NOT mean that no activity is going on.  If anything the activity has been going up.  Due to this activity the blog has been somewhat silent.  One of the first things you might notice is our new store outside of Etsy.  This was built by my husband using the free Zen cart template and lots of additional addons.  Checkout the link at MiladyCreations.  I also have this on the upper right of my blog.  Let me know what you think.  This is a real departure from using Etsy and it s been a lot of work.   A part of this addition includes a new Pet Lovers Line of custom totes which you can order direct online..  We've tested it pretty thoroughly and we think it everything works.   It may end up being easier with the web site as we can load everything up in an ACCESS database and then upload all at once onto our site.   I'm sure my husband will write more about that later.  All of the information he is learning will eventually end-up on our website.  A lot of the Etsy stuff was included under Etsy tools there.  Check on this often as we increase the stuff there.
    On yet another note, if you follow this blog AND would like a FREE ad on my new website, give me a comment or note and I'll get back with you on what we would need to do that.   It should be a graphic image and the link to your Etsy store or anywhere else you wish.  My husband has already done one for us.  Its best if you have the image no greater than about 125x 125 otherwise he will shrink it down.  
       I've also signed up for my first craft show which is to take place next weekend.  My stock has been low and I needed additional styles.  Thus I have been busy sewing sewing and sewing.  I've included a few pictures here but the rest are either on Etsy or our new store.

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  1. hey there! congrats on your new shop! I would love to advertise with you!! I've learned so much from you already! And I love the fact that your hubby helps so much, that's cool! should I send a pic for a link?