Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog Silence = Many new bags for Spring

My blog writing has frankly been pathetic. Sorry for my few faithfull readers.   My Etsy sales for the year also remain a pathetic zero.  I guess the good news is I've had a lot more blog entries this year than sales.  If I quit this though I'm going to go out in a blaze of glory.  I' ve made a couple of new styles and I really like my bags for Spring.   I've I have over 60 bags now on Etsy and my own web site.  Our own web site is up and running and we've loaded lots of bags into Google Merchant.   There has been alot of discussion on the forums about searches.  Some say that the searches are no longer linking well with Etsy.  I don't know what to think.  My husband who understand this stuff more than I do, doesn't really know.  He has tried keying on the word handmade fabric handbags and has linked this many times over.  If you type this into Google however you will never find us.  If one cannot find your handbags one will never even have an opportunity to but one.
     My first craft show a few weeks ago was a good learning experience but was not a good venue.   It was more of a school bazaar.  Perhaps a good thing came from it, I did get invited to one coming up here in two weeks.  My husband also had the idea of a newletter.  He now has a sign-up working here.    We're going to add coupons for those newsletters when he figures that part of Zen Cart out.  You can be one of the first to sign-up!     
   The upcoming show has me going full time at night trying to get more bags done.   I'm also in the midst of creating a display for it.  I've got the wood, now I need the time.   My husband has been collecting a list of handbag web sites to compare and learn.   Some are VERY good.  An idea born from this is "handbag" parties.  I  have been to jewelry parties, candle parties, basket partied, but never a handbag party.  It is something I am toying with.
    Our first tax filing as a LLC is done and our personal returns are completed.   A pleasant surprise was a nice refund based on all of our college tuition payments we made last year.   I'm not telling the kids though because I'm sure we would hear about how much money they "saved" us and how much of that refund should go to them!  The reality is the refund is being put back into savings for the next years tuition payments.  August is coming up real soon and I'm sure the tuition payments will be going up as well.

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