Sunday, February 7, 2010

A web page list for Etsy Tools, Widgets, and Helpers

A quick post to let you know what my husband has completed today.  All of the links and etsy helpers in our blog have been uploaded to a web site page,   The tools can found at miladycreations/etsytools and general site information at miladycreations/sitetools.   A few new ones have been found and they are listed there.  Perhaps the most interesting is an Etsy toolbar which can be found here.   Thanks to Kim at SewKim for featuring this in her blog.  My husband thought these kind of things get "lost" fairly easily and what better way than to post a piece of this on our web site.   Our current web site is mainly just a "redirector" to Etsy, so this gives a real purpose!   Post a comment or email to me if you know of other tools and sites you think belong in this list.
     Around Thanksgiving my husband activated through external sources the merchant upload into Google.  Due to changes by Google this was deactivated the first of the year and this upload was supposed to be taken over by Etsy.  You can check your syndication status here: .Active means you are syndicated.
Pending means you are still waiting to be added.  If you are not added (like me) this means that your items are not easily found by google searches.  Not particularly good.   My own sales did much better when I activated the Google merchant upload and fell off when I was deactivated.   I'm doing some more research into this now and I'll blog about it when I find out more.

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