Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Day In Paradise

I'm not sure that 18 degrees and blowing snow counts for paradise, but when you live in northern Indiana its what you have to put up with.
I was on the forums tonight and looking at a bunch of
nice blogs.   My husband was snapping pictures the other night so I thought I would post a few.   Besides the more pictures the less text I have to write :)   I am trying hard to keep up with the writing. 
     I am working on one of my bags for a local customer  which you might be able to figure out from the pictures.   You can also tell that the theme of ladybugs is something I just can't get away from. 
I also ordered some fabric I saw on the internet last weekend.   It may never end up in a bag for sale but it definitely well end up in a bag for me!   My husband continues in his quest for a better picture.  He now has submitted two pictures to crafthawkers, and both have been turned down.   This is a site which will take various craft picture submissions and post them.  Some really good ideas can be found there.   I'm not surprised at the first one, but the last one I thought was pretty good.  I'm not "modeling" the bags and I don't think the two boys will!


  1. I love that flowery material - it'd make a fab bag! :-)

  2. Saw your post on an etsy forum about blogs. Since I have a blog I find myself interested in other people's blogs...especially new ones.
    Yes, I couldn't help but notice the ladybugs, they are such a cute bug it's hard not to like them. :)
    Your blog is cheerful and welcoming I had to follow...what I just said plus the fact you had 13 followers, I always feel compelled to crack that unlucky number. LOL My blog was stuck on the foreboding 13 for a couple of months before someone finally rolled it over to number 14. What a happy day that was. =D