Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Other Selling Venues - Part II

My wife is busy working on her new creation tonight so I'll be following up on my R&D work tonight.  I went through the excellent list of scarlettcat's from A to F two nights ago.  Tonight I go through G to N.  Most of the links tonight were not that impressive (my opinion only!).  One begins to understand why I've heard of only a few of the sites listed so far. 
     In tonight's group, the site Lovli appeared most like Etsy in the listing group today, but with a considerably reduced ranking (compare US rank of 319,000 to Etsy rank of 108;  these are also considerably below that of Artfire and ShopHandMade).  When you get to an individual item the layout looks something like Etsy but with more social links.  Lunacraft was something really different.  It appears to be a free directory service for craft related businesses, blogs, and web sites.   Its ranking is well below that of Lov.li at 890,000.   It is something I will be checking out latter only because it is a neat concept and the price is right (free).   Even at 890,000 I'm sure that ranks way ahead of this blog :)



Comment /Rank


Dead Link

http://handmadecatalog.com/ $5-13 / mo
Handmade only


Opening under new Management

http://hyenacart.com/ $10 setup + $5/mo
"Earth" Friendly shops

http://www.icraft.ca $25 setup + $5- $15 /mo
Handmade only

http://www.kinfolkcrafts.com/ $100 setup + $20 /mo
Handmade Crafts
More like a web hosting service

http://www.lollishops.com/ ?
Cottage-style look
Applicate only; niche market

http://lov.li/ 3.5% (no listing
items may not be for sale (US rank 319K)

http://lunacraft.com/ Free
Craft "information center
a directory of craft sites (US rank 890K)
http://www.madeit.com.au/ Australia ONLY site
Handmade crafts

http://www.mintd.com/ CLOSED

ending operations

http://www.myartplot.com/ ?
appears mainly art although handcrafts mentioned
Musat register to find out more info

http://www.mystore.com/ $7.50 / mo
general merchandise
Free is for only 4 items and 1 picture

http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/ application only
"unique" items; weddings appear big


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