Saturday, September 4, 2010

Its September ! A new Etsy utility in the planning stage

Its been since June since I've posted to the blog.  It certainly does not seem that long.   It has been a very busy summer.  My husband has been working on looking at the new API for Etsy.  What does this do and what can it do for you?   There are many tools out there that we've summarized in the past.  Most, if not all, are based on the v1 Etsy API.   This will be going away soon and replaced with the next version.   There are many new features with the new version.  My husband has been working on understanding this.  His first goal is to construct a program which will allow you to download and store all of the Etsy information in an ACCESS database.   I intend to show some screen shots and give updates on how this program is progressing.  By having this information downloaded it will be easier to post this information in other places or to print it out.   Long term changes could be quickly uploaded to your site.   The intention will be to release this sometime in the future.  He has prior experience in scientific programming but this is major upgrade in his experience.   The progress of this is a true unknown.   He was pretty frustrated a couple of weeks ago trying to figure out json strings (??? - whatever that is) but he now is able to download our sites information and store it.   The next step is to create nice-looking grids to display all of this information.  One of the first things that could be accomplished is a quick graph of views over time for a given item.  Lots of ideas.  With both of ujs having full time plus jobs all of this takes time.  We do need some time off!   My husband spent the afternoon watching the Notre Dame game.   There is hope for decent season.
      I do have some new bags and I'll be posting these soon too.   My next posting will be sooner than 2 months

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