Saturday, October 24, 2009

Something New

I intend to post this weekend my first accessory. I also finished my latest tote. I'm working on a new one for animal lovers. That one may go to a local retail shop.
I bit the bullet last night and signed-up for a 5 day add with We'll see what that brings in. I'm trying to decide whether to just abandon the internet sales or not. I've done well with word of mouth and I never have a business card when I need one. Back to Walmart last night to buy some more. The Etsy sales have not been staggering. Infact after over a month I'm still at zero and the views have been going down. Based on the local response I don't think its the product but the ability to get internet sales. My husband and son has been driving all of the web site stuff, but they keep saying that they have a lot to learn. I knwo they have been using google analytics to track things. Anyway we will see if the ad does anything.
No matter what happens at the etsy shop, the web site is here to stay. We have a lot of good ideas but need more time (lots more time!) to implement them. I do have a running link with fabrics on-line that I would like to expand. If you have some good links let me know and I'll include them

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