Thursday, October 29, 2009

Marketing Bust

Ok, the Crafster "special" was a bust - not a single sale and the clicks were not that good considering the cost (25% off from the usual $24). It was an experiment - and it didn't go. Local sales are doing well and if anything increasing. I'm keeping busy so maybe its a good thing. I'm doing better with word of mouth than I am anything else. It's really cheap too!
My husband was busy with a new marketing try-out using Project Wonderful and putting in a few select ads. This is an interesting concept and has a lot of Etsy members doing it. It is a lot cheaper than the Crafster ad.
Meanwhile I've been busy doing a special "dog" tote with an embroidered dog on the side. It's completed, but I don't have pictures of it yet. It should be up by this weekend. We've been busy trying to get a "store" up using ZenCart. Lots to learn here , and we've been trying out different things on our local server as a test case. One of these days we will go live on that. New and bigger pictures! We have been thinking of various methods of increasing hits on the web site; not sure what the best thing is yet. More internet searches to see what is out there.

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