Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Store Bust

I think this blog should be about the trials and tribulations of a small tiny start-up company. Dreams, but not much else. Anyway as both my husband and me were working last night he noticed an email had come over from the web site. Very few emails from the web site have come over - this was very exciting - until you read the subject line. We were being told to immediately stop selling myLadybags because of trade mark infringement against the name Ladybag. We had actually looked some of this up and thought we were free to use it since myLadybags did not come up in our searchs at the USPTO web site. This is where to go for looking at trademarks. After reading some more it may have caused expensive lawyers to find out. Thus the store came down and the web site came down. Now we ponder what is next. It seems really difficult to insure that somewhere you don't possibly infringe on someone. Oh well, now for the hard part. What is next ?

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