Monday, November 30, 2009

CyberMonday Tales

OK, I was on the Etsy forums last night trying not to get to depressed because nothing has sold. SewnGreen boosted my spirits by liking my animal stockings. As it turns out she has a really neat shop selling Christmas ornaments which would go well with my Christmas stockings. Hint Hint for others out there. I thought I would post a picture here of the ornaments. I would also check out her blog. She is checking out other finds on Etsy. I may do a few of those too at some point, but right now I don't have the energy. I would like this blog to go in some direction besides talking about what I'm doing. That can get boring quick. I have an idea and I have hubby looking into it. After all I am president of this company!
Where has my energy been going to? I'm going to try something slightly different, but something that would go well with my handbags. I love to knit when I'm watching a movie at home. I can't have my hands idle at such times. I will be posting a few of these on my Etsy store soon. That's my husband's job! I know he was having trouble getting some good pictures. We'll see how he does.

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  1. A BIG THANK YOU FOR POSTING MY PIC!!! I was trying to get more people to notice me as well, and I found that it was more fun to include other people. I can't say that my blog has found it's true direction yet either, however it's a start and I like other people's feedback. Plus it's fun to find my favorites. Good luck with your store, keep in touch, and happy crafting. ps...I have a link to your blog from mine so more people can find you and your stockings! =)