Thursday, November 12, 2009

Store Bust II

OK, somehow this will rise from the ashes again. It has not been a good month. I am still working at night on new purses. I've included one here. Hubby has been working on a new banner and website. He does not know Photoshop very well and is running into all kinds of issues. Of course I've been a pain in the *** asking for "more complicated" things. Of course new business cards have to be made, etc, etc. This is a big pain. The only good news is that this blog remains the same. It was not tied into the myladybag theme. In hindsight having more independent components might be a good thing. The bags I've made were not really tagged in anyway - another good thing. I had been working on that concept but didn't really finish it. Now I have the golden opportunity to make a new tag! Its early in the morning and a long day of work is ahead of us.

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