Sunday, November 15, 2009

The official death of myLadybags

The wedding was fun. It was good to get away for a little while. The weather was just perfect yesterday. I also did manage yesterday to get a lot of new patterns at Joanns for $1. With any luck, modifications of these may make it here. I have so many ideas and so little time.
The weather today is not like yesterday. It is really ugly with drizzle today. I guess it's a perfect day for trying to get new web site stuff up. I'm still mourning the lost of Ladybags. Instead of vacation mode I delisted the entire shop and now it is just a blank shell. The inactive listings are there though. What I didn't realize is how much work it would be to switch. A new Etsy shop is sort-of alive. What a pain. The name of the new shop is Milady Creations. Yes I have checked the trademark considerations. I still can't believe my rotten luck in getting stuck with coming up a name that was trademarked.
I should have mentioned that I'm NOT the one doing all of the transferring, but my wonderful husband is doing it. I have to say wonderful otherwise he wouldn't be doing it. I guess that is his payback - his only payback. As of the writing of this blog I have a total of one handbag transferred to the new Etsy site. I have so much more. I have a new Christmas bag that I just made. I've posted it here for all to see. Who know when I get a chance to get it up on the web site. While the Internet stuff has not went well, the local stuff is doing OK. I just but the bags in at Granger Florist and gifts. If your from around the South Bend / Elkhart / Goshen area you might want to stop there and take a look at what I have. I have some of my bags posted here on the blog. I can put things up faster up on the blog than anywhere else.
I have to figure out how to make my husband work faster and get this web stuff going. I know he is buried in a photoshop manual now. I've been unhappy with the new banners and images and have so many creative ideas. I just know I will not being doing it photoshop. He has put just a little more "stuff" for me on this blog. It looks better than it did. I now have some more ideas ...

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