Monday, November 16, 2009

Rise from the Ashes

Monday! Monday's are always busy at work. Then I had some errands to run tonight and bought materials for a new creative Christmas item - completely non-bag related! I uploaded here a new bag I made and uploaded onto the Etsy store as well. This makes a total of 6 items up at the Etsy location with more to come. I just realized I haven't uploaded my favorite pet totes. I have a couple of embroidered totes with a cat on one and a dog on another. The fact they just happen to look like my cat and dog is purely coincidental. Maybe I'll try to get that up tomorrow here or at the Etsy site or both. I thought it would be neat to do custom orders on this. Put your dog or cat's name on it. With the dogs I can even do an embroidered breed. I really like it.
My husband has the web site up - sort of. It's at - pretty similar to myladybags but for Milady. It even has an access portal into the Zencart store. Right now he is operating this as a catalog showroom. He had the paypal figured out with the old location. We're keeping the name at the web site as Milady Creations, which of course sells bags and accessories. Perhaps we should secure that internt name as well.

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