Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Going to the dogs

Today this blog goes to the dogs. This is for dog lovers. I'm finding out that I can do all kinds of dog breeds. This is just one of them. I usually make the first bags for myself for "testing" purposes and R&D. You can guess why I picked a papillion. She is (usually) a sweetie. She is stubborn though and likes her own way. I've been thinking about trying a special order line like these. I'm sure there is a lot of dog lovers out there that would love to have their dog and the dog's name on their bag. I think its something any pet lover (I include myself in that category) would like. I'll probably test the waters with this one and see what happens. Not much going on
today. I'm still thinking about something for special for Christmas. Ornaments, stockings, - just not sure. I'm not in a very creative mood tonight.
I'll have to take some food to my hubby now in order to make sure that he uploads some stuff to the store tonight. We still have along way to go just to get back to where we were. I still miss Ladybags. Maybe I can call these doggie bags! Better check the trademark first...

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