Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Stockings

I'm in the Christmas spirit! Check out a couple of my newest creations. I've loaded these and one other onto my Etsy store. I took off a half day at work and between last night and tonight have been working furiously on my new holiday stockings. I'm still in the process of creating them but I have a lot of ideas. I was working on a new bag and then I got side tracked on the stocking idea. Let us just hope they sell. If they don't I'm going to have a lot of stockings in the house. Maybe if I hang a lot of them Santa will fill them up.
The whole Etsy experience (MiladyCreations) has been a large time sink. Not on my part - I've been too busy creating and making. My marketing VP has been grumbling a bit about it. It didn't help much when we had to recreate the store. Hopefully that part is behind us now. I see some shops selling like crazy and others (like me) sitting in the shadows. My high paid marketing VP ( e.g. husband) is still working on our ZenCart store. You can see bits and pieces of it on the website. I've kept him pretty busy at night loading items and taking photographs. He is getting better at photoshop. You can see he added the Milady name to some of the photos. It is a real trick to take some of these items in their "best light". The white stocking in particular look much better in reality than they do in a photograph.

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