Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rise from the Ashes II

Here is the inspiration for the dog bag I talked about yesterday. Looks just like the picture doesn't it?
It is always interesting to look at the views on Etsy. Bags I like don't always get a lot of looks. Sometimes it works in reverse. The bag that I've sold the most, an Elvis tote, has surprised me. The Elvis tote has been all local sales - but when people see them they've wanted them. I'm too young maybe to be a big Elvis plan.
I'm still thinking about what I can make for Christmas. The other thing I'm trying to figure out is how to "tag" my bags. Milady Creations is just way too big on a tag. I have one idea about a symbol that I'm wondering about.
I've included a picture of my next creation in the making. Doesn't look like much at this stage does it?
Next week will be tougher than normal to get things done since Thanksgiving will be here. I can't believe the holidays are here! The weather here is supposed to degrade next week. My husband needs to get the leaves done. He also needs to load up more stuff and get all of our inventory up on the site. He also needs to finish our own web site. I better watch it - he reads this blog and looks to see if anything he says ends up here. In terms of being the marketing VP for this company I think he should be fired. The internet sales just are not there. I look at some of these Etsy shops with anticipation when I see how many sales they have had. I have a long way to go.

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