Friday, November 13, 2009

Store Bust III

OK, I'm keeping really busy at night. Check out another one of my new creations. This one is just in time for Christmas. The web site is not going well. Hubby was working way too long last night and having difficulty. Too many things linked into the myladybags name. He had difficulty making the banner. First he ried working with the old web site. Then he worked on the "new one" which is a ZenCart-based web site. I didn't know what a Zencart was but I guess its a *FREE* commerce store. Right now he had as a showcase. Of course there are links to the old Etsy store that have to be redone. Then when I came on this morning I noticed that the facebook stuff was still up. Now that has to come down. Not sure what we doing with Etsy and names are still floating around. All I know is I don't wnat to have to do this again. Unfortunately its a minimum $275 for a trademark. Ouch!. Probably had that in time cost thought with everything linked to this name.

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