Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is Coming!  I'm still rushing to get the final bag out for local sales.  I've posted it here for you to see.  Yet another one you probably will not see on my Etsy site.  This pushed my embroidering to the maximum as it took over two hours to do.  I went with the whole Scottish terrier theme.  I also have been trying to get some time upgrading my Facebook account with enough fans that I would qualify to grab the Milady Creations name.  I'm happy to report thank to many wonderful people on a couple of Etsy forums I was able to do it.   All this and I still had to "work" at my real job.
    My husband was off this week and so I loaded him down with chores.  One of the chores was getting the Christmas cards out.   Its done with a whole day to spare!   My husband has been busy trying upgrade the website.  He now has a twitter link on miladybags.com   I can now tweet.   We keep hearing about how important twitter is to our growth and success.   I'm not sure I can tweet enough interesting stuff that everyone will follow me.
   Another thing that he did was to get a shop on shophandmade  .   It's a beta site which is trying to compete with Etsy.  So far the traffic appears to be very poor and I don't think it has been worth the time setting it up.  We will see.  I came across another shopping site today that I had never heard of before.  The name of this one is bonanzle.  Something to check out after the holidays.   We have not been rebewing items on Etsy and we have been stuck on 9 sales since.   At this time I need a few days to catch-up.   My husband has been after me to make something for valentine's day.  What, I'm not sure.   Add to that it appears that I will be having a New Year's party.  Perhaps I should twitter all night about that!   I think I rest more at work than I do at home.

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  1. What a beautiful bag! I love it. Anyone who has a scottish terrier would go crazy for it.