Sunday, December 20, 2009

Etsy Gadget Upgrades

The geek support squad is here tonight as my wife works diligently at getting product out of the door.  She has encouraged me to blog every now and then about the "technical" and "research" side of things.  We had a few sales last night getting the number upto 9.  She also some local orders that has to get done by Christmas.   Thus the opportunity for me.
     I'm finding all kinds of widgets and gadgets for Etsy that are out there.  You can see a few of them that I've added tonight to the right.  The first from which puts out a nice revolving display of your items on the Etsy site.  The second is from which you can use to show your sales and items for sale.  Both of the gadgets are easy to add to the blog.   I have not tried facebook as of yet.   As it turns out there is quite a few programs that are out there.  Some of these can be found on Etsy itself.  Another site   One of the best that I've seen so far is at    I've also been busy taking pictures today.  One of her newest creations is shown here.   This one is already sold.   It may eventually be recreated and put on Etsy, but not right now.
    Now that we are selling we are looking to automate things a bit more.  Going to the post office (especially this time of year) is not the most fun trip.   Luckily paypal and the post office have teamed up to have a pretty good application to allow you to print the postage from home and just let them pick it up.   I'm sure this tells that I'm a newbie and not really knowing this, but I think it will save time down the road.
      I'm probably too old to understand Twitter, but I know from all of the forums that Twitter is used a lot of the time on Etsy.  Therefore I hijacked my wife's Twitter account with all of 2 Tweets in the past year and converted to MiladyCreations.   Thus MiladyCreations is now on Twitter  (   I announced this to the world of Twitter by doubling the number of her tweets.  I think I have an account somewhere too which I used once.

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