Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sale #5 Cheetah (Again)

My fifth sale occurred tonight.  At least sales are going the right direction..I had four animal stockings that I was selling.  For some strange reason the cheetah is the only which has sold.  I include a picture of that one for you to see.  I'm not sure there is any deep meaning behind this.  
I'm anxiously awaiting feedback from my items sold.  Right now my shop has NO feedback and I know that has to be important.  
Now its time fro some random thoughts in no particular order.  Not sure where I'm taking this blog.   I keep thinking of different things.  Anyway my husband was in a silly mood taking pictures.  Here is my youngest so supposedly studying for his final exams.  Umm, looks more like a World of Warcraft forum.  He said he needed a little break.  Fair enough, I hope it was a

little break!   I was at OfficeMax tonight looking at shipping supplies.   Everything is 50% off.   That should help.   I'm trying to keep my shipping cost at a minimum.   I know when I buy something I hate shipping cost!   Right now I'm just trying to break even or lose just a little bit.    I hoping my great service will get me good feedback.  OK, a little self promotion doesn't hurt.    It is really cold here now,a whopping 11!   This is the time of year I'm really jealous of people living in warm climates.   At least we missed the snow -this time at least.   Well, I better get going, I have some shipping to do.

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