Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Fabrics due to Christmas Party

We had to drive down to Indianapolis yesterday (about 3 hours from Northern Indiana) to go to my companies Christmas Party.  This was after I mailed my first sale at the post office that morning.  I know, its a long way to go for a Christmas party, but my company has two locations and the larger city "won".   Since I was really close to going past some fabric stores, guess what I did.  I stopped.   I don't think my husband was thrilled, but he is use to it.   He showed a comic strip today about how a women can stop time by taking the husband to a fabric store.  What is minutes for her is a week for him.   I'd post it, but I probably would have lawyer after me for it. 
      He took some pictures of the new fabrics for me.  He is thinking of some kind of inventory system for all the fabrics I have strewn around the house.  I'm posting a couple of them here for you to see,  Don't know what they will eventually become, but I thought they had some real possibilities.   The one has ladybugs on it, which (in case you can't see) I'm crazy about.   I have a ladybug theme in lots of places in the house.
    Another work week is almost upon us.   I did get a new tote design out this week.  I hand-quilted John Deer fabric into one of my "standard" totes.  It is in my Etsy store if you would like to take a look.
     You might also be able to tell my husband was sprucing up the site just a bit.  The Etsy mini is now on the right side along with my picture.   I knew he was up to something when he was asking for my facebook picture.  

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