Monday, December 28, 2009

Newbie Member of Etsy Bloggers

I am now one of the newest members of the Etsy Blogger team.  You'll notice a few new links in the right column.   I'm still finding my way around in the forums.  All of the Christmas stockings are gone now, most were sold locally.   Christmas is now over and a New Year looms.  We're supposed to have a New Year's party assuming I can get everything done in time.  That may be a big assumption.   I have not had a lot of time.  The weekend was a massive undertaking moving things around in the house.   I had sooo many fabrics everywhere and the dining room was completely taken over with my stuff.   Through a lot of house cleaning and a bunch of extra stuff to Goodwill, I have now taken over the guest bedroom.   I have a small table in there and a work surface.  Any guest will just have to accept all this stuff.  We'll take some pictures and post them soon.  The sad thing is that it has been over a week now since any new creations have been made.   A new business plan for the new year needs to be in the mix!   Enough for now - hope everyone had a great Christmas! 

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